Pediatricians are always on site to care for your child

The Texas Children’s Urgent Care team has one goal in mind: the safe and efficient care of your child. We would like to introduce you to some of the staff you may encounter during your visit.


We will always have a pediatrician and an advanced practice provider on site to care for your child. The pediatricians are board-certified and have privileges at Texas Children’s Hospital. Our rigorous interview process and ongoing educational requirements assure that your providers will be current with the latest pediatric information.

All of the providers are friendly and believe that patients of all ages feel better about the care they receive when they can see eye to eye with the provider. It is not unusual to see our providers bend a knee to introduce themselves to a young patient or to tell a joke. 


Texas Children’s Urgent Care is committed to providing a safe and fun experience for your child, and our nurses are a large part of that experience. Unlike many other urgent care clinics, Texas Children’s Urgent Care will always have a licensed and credentialed registered nurse on site. When it comes time to administer medicine or recheck vital signs, our compassionate nurses will make sure to explain things in terms your child understands.


Our techs play an important role during your visit. They are trained to help with registration and desk duties as well as to assist the nurses and pediatricians in the care of your child. Many of our techs are paramedics or nursing students pursuing a career in health care. Our techs will assist in testing and discharge of your child. They are also available to distract siblings, bring your child a glass of water, or assist in any way to make your visit more comfortable.

Desk Staff

A member of our desk staff will be the first person to greet you on arrival and the last one to thank you for visiting at discharge. Our friendly desk staff is in charge of registering your family, handling the paperwork, and answering all of your questions on the phone. Although it is one of the busiest positions in the clinic, our desk staff is never too busy to smile and answer your questions.